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XaRoS 8 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by elok 6 months ago 15

Video and log is from Squad Defence mode...This happens in Frontlines also, many times

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Dont know..just happens often
Network Lag Performance Lag
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In recent update we added extra logging to find this:

"Added extra logging to find lagshots cause"

Can you provide a new log please? We are unable to reproduce this ourself and it seems a specific issue on your hardware.


Xaros, how many Videos did you upload showing this, since you play the game?

Seems a lot of Players, like me too, use the same poor Hardware to get the same issue.

I have the same issue from time to time

Different issue, made own topic.

Different issue, made own topic.

Still waiting for a log on this with the newly added logging. Or perhaps the issue does not occur anymore?


Still occurs, even with 200 fps shots are missing from a distance of 2 meters.

Do not log my Matches.

Shots are missing sounds like something else than this issue. This issue is that whenever you shoot the game seems to freeze as seen in the video. It would be great if OP could still provide a log otherwise we will have to close this ticket.

"yeah, we know this is a problem, but if you don't do our job for us we're

not going to fix it"

Yes...problem is still there...I had to play 2 months and to day i had the same lagshots all over....I wanted to post a vid too but it seems that nvidia geforce experience not workin(?) anymore with Verdun...anyway i post the todays log




I found the vids so im gonna u/l and post it

At the end of the vid u can see my ping also