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VERDUN: Can't move in new game when the chat is left open after the last one

jhgreen 4 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 2 months ago 13 2 duplicates

If I'm chatting at the end of a game and the next map loads, you spawn in but the keyboard and mouse are totally unresponsive. I can hit Alt F4 or Alt-tab out of it but the game doesn't work at all. Not sure what happens if you die.

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have chat open when the game is switching maps
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I've noticed this (and reported it I believe) over on Tannenberg. Although, the keyboard for me worked (plus mouse after using ESC) and I was able to get moving/aiming again by entering something into chat.


Thanks for the report, we'll fix this.

I used to think it was a Windows 10 bug...

It wasn't on Aisne when this happened? See that the log was cut short after loading up Aisne anyway. (Which explains having to force close the game via Task Manager)

I am not sure. I'll try to notice next time it happens. It happened today as well, not sure where.

It's happened today in two different maps, so it seems not to be about that.

It happened about 100000 times in the yesterdays Verdun World Championship, lol. We had to announce every restart so everyone closes his chat line...

There was a rumor, it only happens to CP. Did not check on that so far...

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Are you leaving the chat open before the next match/map starts to load?

That happens sometimes, it might be it. If it its, it's a bit difficult to remember, since there's a wait when the map loads, but if I remember, I could check the next time I load a map.