Make the NCO's attack order radius visible

Munnharpe 6 months ago in All Platforms • updated by WW1GameSeries 3 months ago 6

Like the radius of the NCO aura is easily seen because the blue ring on the map, I think the attack order radius should be visible as well. This would help the NCO knowing where to put the order, and his squad to know where to be in order to follow it. After playing this game, often as NCO, I still am not sure of how close the squad members has to be to the order, in order to get the "followed order" points. It could be green or white or something, so it would be easy to tell it apart from the NCO aura.

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I'm pretty sure it's about the same radius as the aura. However, a faint radius would be welcomed by me as well.

Great! When is that coming?

I would like to know it too 😂


Can we get an update on this?