Automatic kick for those over 200 ping?

ZombiePlus 6 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 4

The game is already suffering from poor hit detection among other server-related issues, having players running up to 500 ping simply exacerbates a problem that many believe is making the game unplayable. From what I've discussed with other users, it seems like 200 ping would be a fair sweet spot for US servers.

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As long as you add a delay before kick to act as a buffer for those times when you get weirdly high ping for a few seconds / minutes, I don't see why not.


Those from very low populated servers (or those without a great ISP/connection) will have a much harder time finding matches.

Also, the high ping kick probably would affect all servers and not just the US server.

If you want to lower the threshold, make it 400 instead of 500.

400 ping kills the game, 200 ping in the US is the best option, otherwise it ruins the experience for everyone else. There should probably be a different threshold for each server depending on the average ping in that area.


A kick for users with a ping of 200 is too strict. We rather look in to the issues those users are giving for the gameplay and fix those. We could compromise on lowering it to 300-400 but I doubt this helps your situation. Could you perhaps file a new bug report on how those high ping users affect your gameplay? In our opinion the disadvantage should always be for user with the high ping and never for the users with lower ping.