Jump height is exaggerated -- length is too short

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Verdun is a realistic game. Of course there are compromises to be made between the realism and the fun factor / gameplay aspect of things.

However,   low gravity jump   like you would see in arena shooters   doesn't have its place in Verdun.

Seeing soldiers (hilariously) bunny jumping the trenches ruins all the effort you guys have put in development to make this game the most realistic and immersive WWI game to date.

Not only the jump height is too high for a person without any gear on, imagine carrying a soldier's gear. Quick research shows that the   average soldier gear weight during WWI   would have been   approx 25 kg (55 lbs). (It would have to be confirmed officially but so far all the numbers seem to gravitate around that mark)

Bottom line: measure how a real person jumps and adjust accordingly. I think the jump length is way too short as well.

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
1. Use a backpack (or school bag) with approx 25 kg (55 lbs) of weight it in, or hold two 25-30 lbs dumbbells.
2. Use a measuring tape on the wall, have someone jump next to it and another person measuring the jump height.
3. Have a measuring tape on the floor to measure jump length.
4. Fix Verdun jumping mechanics accordingly.
5. Make the walk function able to climb small obstacles if necessary.
Output Log:

The movement and the way you are above the terrain is something we are looking into, especially cases where you disconnect from a slope.


How do you expect us to get over barbed wire? You can barely jump high enough to get over it. if you lower the jumpheight all you can do is go around and fit through the slall gap where there is no wire. Now wouodn't it be fun if there was a mg constantly looking at that point? There will be no way to cross nml. You can't shoot the mg because he'll be bugged in the ground and you can't move because he will just rape you...


You lost me at Verdun is a realistic game, I don't know what kind of loony word you live in, but Verdun is certainly not realistic, I mean you litteraly have telephatic arty, drone recon plane (that you send with your mind just like arty), godspeed ads time, spawning on each other, changing nationality midgame, health regen, no friendly fire etc... 

In short, gameplay wise Verdun is not realistic, no matter what the others claim 

Heck even Battlefield 1 is more realistic gameplay wise


This has more to do with the physics of falling/weight rather than the height. The level design in verdun 'needs' jumping at this stage to navigate trench walls in a fun way (there is no vaulting mechanic as of yet). Tough balance. What is not 'cool' is that for every bump in the terrain you fly which causes all sorts of nasty sub-conscience behavior, we are looking into that. 

A vaulting mechanic wouldn't really fix anything.

The reason you need the current jumping is to be able to move around the map, like you said, but not because the game lacks vaulting. No, it's because you constantly get stuck everywhere on the map. Every map is in need of smothering. The environment is the problem.


Well, there's a reason why I wrote "5. Make the walk function able to climb small obstacles if necessary."

Without a proper climbing function, a lower jump height might not work and I'm aware of that. You could just aim at the same barbed wire poles where you currently jump and climb them instead, that would work. Also right now you have to jump over even the smallest rocks, so that function would solve both issues at once.

Seriously, this forum needs more moderation. It sucks that you can't post something without having people basically lashing out at you for posting an idea they did not even read properly. Think before you post guys.


I read your post colpletely, but your idea has many flaws. I work every week with bags of hop of 40kg, and believe me, it isn't that hard to walk around with it or climb ladders. So if I can do that, jumping with a backpack (with fewer weight) is possible too.

 But what I think ( do not ban me for this btw) is that the steam didcussion is moderated too much. As soon as you don't agree they ban you (yeah, just happened to me). This forum is nice (so far) as many of the players don't know it and it stays civilised here. We don't really lash at you, but we've supported this game for many years and would find it sorry to see it fully rot because many new players can't cope with the old, better players. 


Regarding the weight, we're not talking about walking or climbing ladders... And I just explicitly said twice that you need to be able to climb in Verdun. Why would anyone be against a climb function, that I really don't know.

As for jumping, my initial post recommended to measure the jump as to avoid any discussion, nonsense and so on so forth. Its a fact that jump physics don't make sense, we can argue about the how but I think its just pointless. If you want to be even more thorough, you can film the jump as well to see the movement -- because its true that there's also something about the speed of the fall.

As for my comment on moderation, seriously though look at Samnix's post... Quote : "I don't know what kind of loony word you live in ... " And yes Athaelstan you didn't read carefully because I specifically said you would have to climb over obstacles. And for people in general, think for a minute about how that could work before you just dismiss an idea. Try to build upon it and improve it instead of just crapping all over it with value judgement. And for crying out loud, stop turning everything into some kind of personal fight, can we just discuss ideas here?


2 X 12" / 30 cm rulers on the wall, 2nd one a bit lower to compensate for where the lines start on the ruler. Filmed with laptop webcam. Laptop lid perpendicular to the floor.

Notice the height and movement (speed of the jump / fall).

Back to back comparison between no weights jump and dumbbells jump at 1:29.

I don't doubt there are people who could do better (and worse), this is just as a general reference. You could also take the average height between the no weights jump and the one with dumbbells to simulate an epic jumper -- or you could use any values that seem to make sense in the range of the two tests. In my opinion it doesn't have to be 100% accurate as long as its not too far off.

Now all we need is a comparison with Verdun player models.

As for climbing, it doesn't have to have dedicated graphics, it could just be that the minimum obstacle height be set higher so that you automatically "jump" on top of the obstacle. I've seen that option before in an old game engine I would have to find a video or something.

Also that might be another threat, but it would be feasible to make barbed wire non-lethal but put the max dmg inflicted by wire to 50% of the player's hp and make the player move really really slow when stuck in wire. Something along those lines. I doubt many players would disagree with making barbed wire non-lethal by itself (you'd still be in trouble because you're a slow moving target).

You see, extremely lethal wire is only needed because it currently is so easy to jump over it. So it has to be able to kill you almost instantly because its so unlikely that you land in it. Make the jump realistic and you don't need to compensate with high wire damage in order to make the game balanced.


Jump length

I didn't film a long jump test, but I found these on youtube :

Also check out the running and "dive to prone" jump in red orchestra 2


In short: we will address the issues of micro-bumps. Jumping to certain heights is part of navigating the terrain due to the destroyed chaotic nature of the environments so this won't be changed at this stage in the lifecycle.  


Hello. I'm fairly new to the game. Yet, the ninja-jump issue is what has struck me the most (me and my teamates) after only a few hours of game. Some experienced players do fly in the sky above the trenches and fire upon you like super-heroes.

This badly kills the immersion.

After some reading here and there. It would appear the best solution would be to rework all maps where the terrain has obstacles like barbed-wires,so as to facilitate movement (no jumping required) and to reduce the height of the jump.

Red Orchestra 2 comes to mind here.

That would take immensely more labor and would require the devs to thoroughly playtest something than you just gitting gud

Dude just find a different game. Maybe Tannenberg it doesn't have jumpshooting.

Like do you really expect the developers to rework the entire game to remove a singular mechanic? Something that's been in Verdun since the beginning? Take a minute to realize how ridiculous this suggestion is. 

Also necroing a 6 month old thread that was straight up declined by the developers.