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Creating a squad twice makes you level 1 (display bug)

untitledfolder89 7 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 2

This is a display bug, the reproduction steps are very easy and work every time. From what I know I'm not the only one having this bug.

Note: When you start a match after the "level 1 bug" the display turns back to your real level.

Nonetheless I've been quitting the program many, many times before because I thought the bug really reverted me to level 1 so that's a pretty annoying issue if you don't know its only a minor bug.

Game Version:
All versions since I bought the game last summer (using Windows 10)
Reproduction steps:
1. Create a new squad in any game mode
2. Click to join a game
3. Exit to main menu
4. Create a new squad in any game mode
5. It displays you are level 1 no matter what your real level is.
Output Log:
UI Texts Matchmaking/MainMenu

Thanks for the clear steps. We will fix this.

Fix Live

Issue no longer happens in live build