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No XP gained in squad defence

Munnharpe 9 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 6 months ago 17

Lately I've played some squad defense games where we didn't receive any coop XP at all. Which of course is very boring. I checked the squad mates in the friends list in the main menu after these games, and our shared XP hadn't increased at all.

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I am not sure. It seems to happen randomly. I think it happened with full squads when it happened to me.
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Awaiting User Response

Could you share your game log file via Pastebin.com please?

Where to find game log files, and how to share (Steam Login Required) 

This log, is it of a session in which the issue occurred?

I can't remember, but it is likely

Who are you playing with?  I see in the log "untitledfolder89" to give some issues. Also how many friends do you have in the offline list?

I do play with him but lately I've noticed the bug whenever I've been in a full squad, also when untitledfolder89 isn't there. It is very difficult to count how many friends I've got because apparantly it has to be done manually and whenever I bring up the friends list menu it lags a lot. But I recon it's about sixty. I haven't noticed the issue until quite recently, but maybe I didn't notice for a while. However I can definitley remember gaining xp with a full squad a couple of months ago. 

Hi, is there any progression on fixing this problem? It's very persistent and very annoying. It ruins squad defence. As I said: It happens whenever I play squad defence with a full squad. 

We are still looking into this. Does this only happen after Squad Defence or also in frontline/maneuver?

I really don't think it happens in frontline games, but if it did, I probably wouldn't notice. I will investigate!

It works fine in maneuver, today at least. But in squad defence, with a full squad, it never works.

I can confirm yet again that this is only an issue in squad defence, when there's a full squad. Is there any hope of getting it fixed?

This makes me a bit annoyed, it still says "awaiting user responce" and the problem persists. I don't think I can provide any more relevant info about this bug, and it is totally ruining squad defence for me. 

Under review

Status was set up wrong, it is actually under review. Sorry it is taking so long.


This was the case yesterday, all level 100 players squad level stayed at 92 for most of game around 35 to 40 waves,I noticed that It went to level 100 when player Furtwangler left the game and another level 100 joined. It stayed same until i left at wave  50


Fixed in upcoming version

Thanks, we verified the issue and fixed it. Will be in the next big update.

Fix Live

This is now live on current default version: V289.10485. If you still have issues please let us know! Thanks for reporting.