Voting for only using certain weapons in attrition and rifle deathmatch

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Very often when I play attrition or rifle deathmatch, people suggests things like "Let's all use only pistols!" or "Only tankgewehr and feldspaten allowed!". This is nearly always received by the other players with consent and great enthusiasm. Yet, oh and yet, somebody always ruins the fun by using rifles and MG's despite receiving comments of great criticism from the others. What we need is a voting system, and if the vote for for example pistols only passes, all players have to choose a pistol. The simplest system might be a few choices and they could be rifles only, shotgun only, pistols only, melee and T-gun only, or MG's only - or something of the sort. Or, an even more precise system where specific weapons could be chosen as well as categories. 

I think this might get more people to play these game modes, which is needed, because very often there's nobody in them. 

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While not exactly the same, you can set a specific weapon in RDM private matches. (Only available for RDM, IIRC.) Just need to use this chat command: e.g. /setweapons G98


Do not believe you can set the type of weapons however, like setting it up for only all pistols, LMG's, etc. You can for melee though. 

However, there does appear to be a bug where the set weapon doesn't have any ammo in reserve. LINK

I personally like the idea for public matches as well though. Maybe it could come up at the start of a match?


P.S. Maybe Attrition could have the /setweapons command. (I'll have to double check that it doesn't already though)


Thanks for the suggestion. 

As indicated, we offer the option to set this in private servers. In addition Rifle Deathmatch already restricts to bolt-action only.