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Score menu -- Total (xp and kill death) for whole team -- whole team rewards

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1. Add the same   XP / kill / death   display in the "tab"/score menu but   for the whole Entente and Central Powers   so we get to know what the   grand total xp and k/d   for the whole team is.

2. I also suggest   rewards based on whole team   total to encourage teamplay and discourage selfishness. A lot of your current awards could be applied to the whole team.

At least an award related to the number of casualties per team. Because that's something history tends to remember way more than the prowess of individual soldiers.

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These are excellent suggestions! The sense of team community is rather lacking in many frontline games, and I think this might help a lot. It is a bit boring that the only way you can get a sense of how the teams are doing is who has conquered the most trenches. 

Under Review

Interesting suggestions. What team based rewards/triggers would you suggest?



All of these need to be calculated by adding the numbers from all the individual players and NOT the number of squads meeting the conditions.

  • "Most disciplined team"    (most followed orders)
  • "Most efficient use of team resources"    (both conditions met:  least shots missed and best kill/death ratio)
  • "Least casualties (team)"    (lowest death count -- make sure no reward is given in almost empty games)
  • "Best advancing team"    (same principle as the squad one)
  • "Best defending team"    (same principle as the squad one)

  • "Best team" (team with the most team rewards (the 5 above) and at least X (3?) team rewards. If both teams have the same number of team rewards,  then use the number of trenches captured. "Best team" doesn't have to win the match in other cases.)


These awards should be given to all players in the team and stored alongside all the other medals.

They should be labeled under something like "Team effort" in the player achievements medals panel that has "Elite", "Veteran", "Common" and so on. It is capital that they are not put in "Common" (that would make them look useless) and not in the "Elite" or "Veteran" section either because that would make pro players feel like Elite medals are given away for free. 

I suggest using a different medal picture and make them gold colored (so that people feel these medals are important). New graphics are not necessary and could be added later. But the color is important so that people care about the medals. 

That way you can feel pride for being part of a team, no matter what your skill level is. That will help to make people think in terms of team effort.


Most efficiënt use of team resources, do you mean we should all take creeping barrage and spam it fot the k/d? I like the idea, but I fear even more players will start camping and not advancing in the nml...


That's a good point, if you have any ideas please do post them. I'm pretty certain the system I propose will work, but of course the details  - like what are the specific rewards can be worked on. If you have any team rewards ideas to encourage team play, please post them!

Right now you get rewarded for your own k/d, which means the NCO's already ARE spamming creeping barrage for their own k/d... this could give them more reasons to use the barrage in a team-friendly manner.


You are right. Worst case scenario it wouldn't change anything, but it would not get worse. 

The good part about having team calculated score / rewards is that if an NCO doesn't help his teammates to advance and causes his teammates to die more than they should he won't get a team reward.

So if somebody has a great K/D and everyone else in their team has a negative ratio, your chances of getting a team medal are pretty slim.

Btw the technical challenge to implement this would be very low (it's mostly just a sum of numbers and a bunch of "if" conditions that use functions that already exist).

So given that this can't be much work to do, the real question is what do devs think about this?

(...and yes we know bug fixes are higher priority)


Something we will look in to be added in the new UI