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overpowered recon plane

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The recon plane seems overpowered and should be much more limited. I've played levels where there are planes constantly flying overhead, subverting one of the main challenges of the game (using your own eyes to spot the enemy). It feels pretty cheap when the enemy just needs to look at the map to know your location. While using it sometimes, maybe once every 10 or 15 minutes might be ok, it kind of sucks when it's constant.

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just play the game with certain players
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Having the recon plane info not track the enemies in real time plus having the icons displayed like in Tannenberg (i.e. Circles/Dots) would curb the power of the recon plane some, IMO.

true, but maybe it'd be more interesting to do away with the hub map all together. you can use visual indicators to show objectives, or maybe a compass or something. But the great challenge of this game with it's level design is using your eyes to see the enemy before he sees you. And the more you glance at and rely on the hud, maybe the less that challenge becomes..


Will follow tannenberg

It's on our list, should be done somewhere between now and the tannenberg launch.


Why are we nerfing recon and it's ability? Perhaps we should bring the other squads to the level recon is at and make them viable.

The other squads have hilariously bad abilities and secondary abilities. It makes more sense to buff them and bring them closer to the level recon is at as opposed to nerfing recon. Making recon a "snapshot" pretty much makes the ability useless after a few seconds and we really don't need yet another squad in the game with an ability that is hopelessly useless. Smoke callins are a joke, heavy arty usually does nothing, and gas is usually more detrimental than it is beneficial. If this is actually approved Arty squads will be the only squad in the game with a meaningful ability, and that's pretty sad considering arty is the epitome of no-skill and a crutch. 

Recon isn't overpowered it's the only squad in the game that actually has a good ability, good secondary abilities, and good weapons. 


I concur with Zab. The squad perks are very unbalanced, with recon being unarguably better than the other call-ins. The solution should not be to nerf recon. It's a call-in that, at the base level, kills no one and still makes you do all the work. The max level drops a bomb on the target, a bomb that is not accurate and has a massive delay. Artillery calls in a massive explosion that softens/outright deletes an entire section of the map at the press of a button. Stop nerfing things that don't need to be nerfed, instead revamp the other squads so they aren't useless.


Sure Arty is totally not broken too, I mean its totally balanced to be able to spam every 2 minute an artellery barrage that just kills everyone in its radius. 

Here is my take on how to buff other squads : 

- remove FF on gas, friendly gas should just blind you, the reason gas is so detrimental in the first place is that it affects your team and you..

- make smoke actually usefull, give it less time to recharge. 

- sentry squad needs a total rewamp because I seriously have no clue what to do with them, they have terrible weapons, no grenade, rarely bayonets on the carbine (who would be decent if they weren't both not just a downgraded Kar98)


Cool feedback, if you can gather some and create a tickets for feedback we focus on looking into addressing these. On the matter of sentry; we did implement the suggestions as per previous community document. 


" - Change cooldown from 60 to 80 seconds, give it the same time-to-arrival as the plane in Verdun, BUT increase recon duration from 10 to 30 seconds.

- Update enemy positions every 6 seconds instead of showing them only once (let markers 'fade out' a bit before the next update comes in). "

From here:  https://support.1914-1918series.com/communities/4/topics/1595-make-the-plane-more-useful

The recon info in Tannenberg isn't difficult to make out on the maps anymore, so that was a good first step to making TB's recon plane more useful.

While I don't exactly agree that a single snapshot is not viable. (Especially in Verdun where the majority of players don't exactly move that much within the trenches. NML is a little different but even then, a mass of enemies on one side would tell the squad that most of them are going to be moving up that side)

I'll concede however, and say that perhaps an update of the info every few seconds is a decent compromise over having the info tracked in real-time or only showing a single snapshot. I would have the update come in every 10 seconds rather than 6 though, having the previous info start to fade out around 7-8 seconds.

You can find more info on squads' call-ins, abilities, etc. on the Balancing Doc. (With suggested changes)

You wouldn't have a problem with Recon squads if your reactions and situational awareness were better.  The fact that the developers have approved this against the 1:24 like-to-dislike ratio is bewildering.