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Seems that the 3p models are a bit messed up since the Merger or shortly beforehand. I've seen skewed LMG deployments and pistols being held as if they were rifles so far:

Kind of have to zoom in to see the Luger above, but he's clearly trying to aim a rifle when in fact, he's using a Luger.

Here's one when a character is likely prone with a rifle (I believe - looks like the LMG above): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1262744305
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I've noticed the pistols being bugged a couple times recently.

LMG's, I think have been bugged actually since at least shortly before the Merger. (Timestamp is from 1/18/18)
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We habe those masterpieces too

Found a possible cause and fix for this. We will investigate further to make sure it is fully gone!

Update: we have verified fixed some cases and are confirming wether this fixes all of these issues.

Fixed in upcoming version

This behavior has not been observed anymore after we fixed a case of this on the opentesting version. You can already switch to the opentesting right now.

"Fixed a case of third person machine gun animations not playing correctly)"

Is a different issue where you already created a report for.

Pistols have similar issues, often it looks like the enemy player isn't aiming down sight when infact he is. My guess is that the 3p animation lags or can't keep up with the 1p animation, so that if a player just fast press to ads the 3p animation of that is never shown to the other players. 

Don't matter if the animations are put on low or ultra in settings.