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Seems that the 3p models are a bit messed up since the Merger or shortly beforehand. I've seen skewed LMG deployments and pistols being held as if they were rifles so far:

Kind of have to zoom in to see the Luger above, but he's clearly trying to aim a rifle when in fact, he's using a Luger.

Here's one when a character is likely prone with a rifle (I believe - looks like the LMG above): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1262744305
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I've noticed the pistols being bugged a couple times recently.

LMG's, I think have been bugged actually since at least shortly before the Merger. (Timestamp is from 1/18/18)
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We habe those masterpieces too


Found a possible cause and fix for this. We will investigate further to make sure it is fully gone!

Update: we have verified fixed some cases and are confirming wether this fixes all of these issues.

Fixed in upcoming version

This behavior has not been observed anymore after we fixed a case of this on the opentesting version. You can already switch to the opentesting right now.

"Fixed a case of third person machine gun animations not playing correctly)"

Is a different issue where you already created a report for.

Pistols have similar issues, often it looks like the enemy player isn't aiming down sight when infact he is. My guess is that the 3p animation lags or can't keep up with the 1p animation, so that if a player just fast press to ads the 3p animation of that is never shown to the other players. 

Don't matter if the animations are put on low or ultra in settings. 


Fix Live

This is now live on current default version: V289.10485. If you still have issues please let us know! Thanks for reporting.

Do you have more details for us and maybe a log?

play ONE game of frontlines. Why should i provide logs to something you can see by playing one game?

If you were to play ONE SINGLE GAME you would see how broken this is. Ive see deployable mg's with their gun pointing straight up, straight down, left right, facing backwards going INSIDE THEM and this is all after it was "fixed." Claiming to have fixed this is a lie.

I'm going to try and see if I can find one instance of the weapon being skewed again tonight, but I haven't seen anything like the original report in the two and a half matches I spectated last night. (Third match, I ran out of VRAM / the game locked up on me.)

Elok, your toxic behavior on all our channels is not helping us, other players or the game. It's not clear anymore if you're looking for attention or truly a fix. If your intentions are genuinely to improve the game I would advise you to start giving constructive feedback. 

Developers and moderators have spent several hours trying to reproduce the reported bug yesterday again. We found some issues though nothing that was mentioned here above. We're still trying to see what is triggering the reported bug, and more information would be helpful. If you don't want to provide it that's fine. Do understand that we don't accept toxic behavior on our channels. You're close to your second official warning.

Fix things and i'll stop, simple as that

I shouldn't have to be this toxic and persistent for you guys to even acknowledge these bugs exist. If i asked you guys nicely and left it you simply wouldn't aknowledge, much less fix these things.

If your intentions are to grow and foster a community I'd advise you to stop labeling everything as 'toxic' and start directly working with players who know how the game works. 

Players have spent thousands of hours seeing bugs first hand and have reported them numerous times to no avail. You and your team continue to claim bugs are being fixed, however they are not. In fact with these '_ # of fixes' updates you guys tend to add more bugs than you fix, which is probably down to the fact that nothing is playtested and the community of players that have an intricate knowledge of the game have by and large been pushed to the side. 

Go ahead and warn Elok, but once again in spite of everything that has happened in the community you continue to show that you are still completely out of touch. The most vocal critics are the most passionate fans. One day you may come to learn this concept, and one day you may come to understand that this 'toxicity' is literally nothing more than one's passion for the game. I'm sorry that we can't all be Ranjid or biggaloot where we worship Verdun. 

@Yos, I'm sorry you feel this way. Let me try to react to your comments.

We agree that players weren't heard enough in terms of bugs in the past, for that reason we introduced this new support system and ask for all issues to be reported here. This way we can directly get in contact with the players running into the issue, keep track of them and also get an impression on what scale/device/etc. this is happening.  It also helped us get in touch with the players to verify the fix in open beta.

As for updates bringing new issues, it's hard getting an bug-free update out given the pace that we're developing. Especially in a multiplayer game where there are lots of variables. We need to improve here and are looking into solutions. Something that players could help out with here is playing the game in the open beta and sharing their feedback before we make the update live.

In this specific case we have spent lots of hours reproducing the issue. Several streams (10h+) have been public on the Steam page after the update, where we just didn't run into this issue anymore unfortunately. We believe players when they say it's still there, but need more info to get it reproduced. Comments such as 'fix it', 'play the game', etc. don't help here.

We love passionate players and have embraced them for almost 10 years now! That said, we have had lots of complaints and reports about the behavior of some players. We have asked these players to stay constructive and on topic. This also helps us developers to take action on the issues they feel we're having.

Passion can become destructive, when it's obsessive. Therefore I advise keeping the common goal in sight, which I would believe is making the game better and better.


Also, I'm not providing any more information for these things as they can easily be seen by playing one game of frontlines. I even offered to help you guys and show you these bugs in game, but it fell on deaf ears.