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/settimelimit command does not prevent end music from starting at default timelimit

Thomas 9 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 5 months ago 2

You can increase the duration of a match by using the /settimelimit command. It works like you expect it to work. Except, the end music will start when the default timelimit expires.

Example: see repro steps

Game Version:
270.8725 and for years now...
Reproduction steps:
Create a private match. The timelimit will have its value according to the map. Let's assume it is 25 minutes.

Use /settimelimit 40.

The match will last 40 minutes, but the end music will start after 24:10 minutes and last until the 40 minutes.
Output Log:

Will be fixed with audio update. 

Fix Live

No longer seems to be an issue in current version. Please resubmit if it does still happen.