BOTH GAMES: Allow picking pistols as primary weapons & allow picking 'no weapon' in Attrition

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I've always found it weird that you could not pick pistol + melee weapon, pistol + grenade or melee weapon + grenade for your loadout in Attrition.

I think the system could/should be reworked like this:

- all pistols/melee weapons (exception: Arty Luger should not be allowed as a secondary weapon) could show up as both primary weapons as well as secondary weapons - if you picked a pistol/melee weapon as primary weapon, the game wouldn't allow you to pick one as a secondary weapon, only grenades

- there could be a 'no weapon' slot in both primary/secondary - if you picked a secondary, but 'no weapon' for primary, you'd get more ammo for pistols/additional grenades as secondary and if you picked a primary, but 'no weapon' for secondary, you'd either get more ammo for your primary weapon or the ability to pick 2 instead of only 1 attachment for it

- pistols could get reduced ammo when used as secondary weapons and anything but 'no weapon' was picked primary weapon (see general balance sheet suggestion for pistol ammo when sidearm: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/194f3UsP6uosJqZQKTJpAUotL9Qb1e2xI6Equt0jS1nw/edit#gid=873716439)

(- and/or player could get more stamina/faster stamina reg when carrying only 1 weapon)

I also think the grenade count for all grenades except the bundle grenades should be raised from 1 to at least 2 if not more in Attrition (whether the idea above is considered or not).

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Aside from multiple grenades the other combinations are kind of edge-cases, which are not typically chosen. Will be put on a watch list for possible future changes.


Putting this on the wishlist as there is no real demand for this but would be nice to have.