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Reload can't be interrupted with LMB after a stripper clip is used (both games?)

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On the SMLE, the M1917 Enfield and the Gew. 98 with the trench magazine, the reload animation can not be ended with LMB after even 1 stripper clip is used in the reload.

SMLE (1 clip): https://streamable.com/s/2k15l/lchvvs

SMLE (2 clips): https://streamable.com/s/gmran/mlsevw

M1917: https://streamable.com/s/s7x29/yiqjwb
G98: https://streamable.com/s/5mfxt/zxgsmc

When only single bullets are reloaded (no stripper clip is used), ending the reload with LMB works just fine:

SMLE: https://streamable.com/s/n3pt0/kytdr

M1917: https://streamable.com/s/xre0y/zillyn

G98: https://streamable.com/s/byvfz/faextq

Probably a general problem that pertains to both games, but isn't noticeable in TB due to lack of weapons with these characteristics?

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
Use any of the weapons mentioned above
Fire off 6 or more shots
Reload and try to end reload with LMB after stripper clip is loaded, but before magazine is full again
Output Log:
Gameplay Weapons

You could test it with the G98+trench mag now in Tannenberg's Attrition. (Probably not necessary of course.)

I confirm, I've noticed the same thing. It is impossible to interrupt any stripper clip reloads using Left click. It only works for single bullets. Please make it available for stripper clips as well, it would be a game changer, especially when using the trench mag.

(reloading tends to get you killed because there's no smooth way to just put 1 stripper clip during intense combat)


On the list. 

Fixed in upcoming version

Should be fixed in the upcoming version. Please resubmit if this is still an issue.