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verdun freeze at "choose game" menu​ when click on frontline

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verdun freeze at "choose game" menu when click on frontline

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verdun freeze at "choose game" menu​ when click on frontline

Read about one workaround, and that's joining a match through the in-game friends list. Thanks for reporting this issue.

EDIT:  Not seeing anything logged in the output log, but maybe you could create a dump file via Task Manager. Just a thought. (Using something like Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. to share a link to the compressed file.)

One thing caught my attention though, "\steamapps\common\Verdun\1914-1918 Series_Data". The game should be installed under a WW1GameSeries folder in your Steam common folder. (Even if you don't own Tannenberg)


idk if something changed by updates, btw it's solved now, maybe the issue was caused by the game directory, when i had this problem, verdun was in old "verdun" directory, now i have reinstalled verdun and tunnenberg and the problem seems solved