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Weapons' limitation

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I just wanted to know if there will be a possibility to get a command for limiting some weapons in private matches (RDM/Attrition) for Tannenberg and Verdun. E. g. I wanted to do a pistol-only event in Tanneberg but I saw that you are forced to choose a primary weapon. I haven't noticed if there was a similar post, so I made a new one!


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Weapons Matchmaking/MainMenu Gameplay

RDM I'm pretty sure you can use the /setweapons command over in Verdun. Now that both games have been merged. I'm not sure, but I'll check it out later.

E.g. /setweapons melee - would give all melee weapons (use the mouse wheel)

/setweapons (weapon shorthand name) - would give everyone a "berthier", "g98", "springfield", etc.

Not sure if there is a /setweapons pistol. I have not tried that.

ty ironstorm! i'll try those :D


Tested it on Tannenberg at least and there's no /setweapons pistol option. (giving everybody every pistol) You would have use the same pistol for everyone in RDM.

Also, you have to use /setweapons normal to stop the game from using whatever and return to using the standard RDM options.

Yeah I saw it too! Both Verdun and Tannenberg need more specific commands in private matches. I'll be very happy if this request can be fowarded to Devs :D 

Implemented in upcoming version