Make the noise of footsteps appearing earlier

Thomas 6 months ago in PC / Windows • updated 3 months ago 1

If you here the footsteps of an enemy, he can already perform a melee attack. And it is often too late, to react. It would be more realistic if you could here the footsteps at least 10 meters away already, as long as there is no constant MG fire or artillery rain. Even hitting the ground after jumping should make a louder noise.

Game Version:
270.8509 and all versions before
Reproduction steps:
Meet in a trench and try too locate an enemy by sound.
Output Log:

There is a reason why footsteps should definitely appear earlier: to force fair gameplay.

There are headsets out there with a so called "scout mode". This mode decreases background music and similar stuff and increases footstep sounds. A player with such a mode enabled can locate footsteps in about 20-30 meters or so, which is an amazing advantage.

If you increase the noise of footsteps, so that a "normal" player can hear them in about 20 meters, a scout mode player will hear them probably in 40 meters, but will not have that much advantage anymore. It is just about if you can here someone behind the next corner or not. It doesn't matter if you here them behind the next three corners.

So I really encourage you to make the footsteps louder, so nobody has to fear players using scout mode, especially in competitive gameplay.