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You can spawn right in front of enemies again

Thomas 6 months ago in PC / Windows • updated by WW1GameSeries 2 months ago 3

With the "new" Verdun, you are able to spawn directly nearby enemies again. It is very obvious when you play recon vs recon.

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Reproduction steps:
Make a private match, let one CP and one Entente NCO meet nearby and spawn their squadmembers.
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Gameplay Spawning

Thx for checking. In my opinion 15m are still too close. On Douaumont, there is a default spawn in a room, that is obviously 15m away from the window. I recently spawned there right in front of a mounted enemy MG in the window.

I understand that it would be complex calculation to determine, if any enemy is able to have a sight on a spawn. So I'd suggest you just increase the radius, so that awkward moments like in the screenshot won't happen too often.

Satisfaction mark by Thomas 2 months ago
Fixed in upcoming version

Code has been revisited and we made sure no spawning within 15m of enemy is allowed. Please resubmit if it still happens.