Give semi-auto mode to the automatic weapons that had it historically

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Imo, it would be nice if the following weapons that had select-fire switches in RL could have that featured in the game:

- BAR M1918

- Mle 1915 Chauchat

- M1918 Chauchat

- Madsen

- Hotchkiss M1909

They could use the "Sight Mode" button ("3" by default) that is also used to switch between ironsights and scopes. (Rename to "Weapon Mode")

While it's not really neccessary to have in the game, I think this would give those weapons some interesting options and an exclusive feature that the "large capacity"MGs (MG08 + Lewis) do not have.

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Wasn't the 3 key used to be called something like "Fire Mode" before it was changed to "Sight Mode" for scoped ironsights?

Don't remember if it actually worked atm and can't recall ever trying it with a MG, like the Chauchat.

Might have been, I don't remember. But it was always just for switching between scope and ironsights (IIRC that button didn't exist before HoW).


Just a thought occurred to me, but if this was implemented. It could also apply to rifles  (carbines?) with a magazine cut-off.

P.S. It is very likely the control I can recall was a hold over from Alpha (best guess, before my time) like the old Screenshot (F11) control. Which only messed up the resolution, and didn't actually take screenshots.