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Weapon stats display overhaul

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Replace the "shots-hits-accuracy-kills-killed by" part of the tooltip info that you see when you hover over weapons on the squad loadout screen with the actual weapon stats you can see on the equipment screen in RDM/Attrition (ROF, reload, etc.)

People can check out their accuracy stats, amount of shots fired, etc. under "Account -> Weapons" outside of matches anytime.

Seeing the weapons' stats directly is more important during a match and helps new players get familiar with the weapons. They often ask "what's the differences between the weapons/weapon types" during a match because there's no way for them to see or even compare weapon stats outside of Attrition/RDM and it takes too much time to explain in detail in the chat during matches.

Like this:

Also rework which weapon stats are actually being displayed and the way in which they are, the red bars might look neat, but they only give a very ROUGH indication of the weapon's stats (at least without additional numbers on them), especially in comparisons. Grouping attachments into 2 rows 2 instead of 1 column of 4 would give the required space for the added info.

Like this:

Grouping stuff by weapon class would imo also be much better than sorting the weapons alphabetically.

And just to really idiot-proof the whole thing, add all that on the main menu weapon screen as well:

Also make it so that the tooltip stays as long as you hover over the resp. card and doesn't just disappear after a bit.

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"What's the difference between different German MGs?", "What's the difference between rifles/carbines, pistols/revolvers?" -> Regularly asked by new players (sometimes even players that have been around for a bit)
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Weapons UI Texts

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a number of these don't really exist or have a single stat.

2. all weapons seem to have the same velocity.

3. Max effective range isn't a stat.

4. Reload changes depending on squad/role.

Reload and mag size would be easily transferred in to the game, I have listed it for the weapons guide:


Hi Bishop,

About the Damage, are all bolt action rifles damage the same? Isnt it supposed for a long range rifle to have greater damage than its carbine variant? (For example Mosin VS mosin carbine?)

It would be great then if the devs implement velocity into the game...after all, this is a realistic WW1 shooter, + it will add so much fun and make feel weapons much more different from one another

And yes, the rest of the stats should be easily tranferred into the game as you said... hope soon.

Not sure it's difference in damage but in where the damage falls off at.

It wont make it more fun or make each weapon feel different, they'll all still feel the same with the short ranges. Even the slowest round in game is still moving at more then 200m/s, meaning fraction of a second when firing at the ranges in game.

So, in short, in the game, when firing at long ranges, you can benefit more from using a standard rifle than a carbine? ( Less damage drop off + Less sway) ?

Adding stats for weapons + damage over distance drop off won't hurt, since they are already present in the game, I guess that it would be easy to put them under a new tab in game

Yep, that's the strength of the full rifles over the carbines. Rifles get reduced sway to improve long range accuracy and less damage fall off leading to better long range damage. Carbines get quicker re-bolt and aim down sights and reload but aren't as good at longer ranges.

Please add Damage Drop off curve for every weapon so we can compare before choosing a rifle.

In Battlefield 1, for every weapon, there is a damage drop off curve ( Damage Vs distance), why not in Tannenberg?

Thank you

Under Review

We will have a look at this for the new UI