Make rear areas desertion zones

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Please make rear areas desertion zones in Frontlines.

It is more than just A BIT FRUSTRATING that there are always players not helping their team with defending their trench/capturing the enemy's but instead sitting somewhere in the back, trying to get a good K/D (and more often than not, even failing to do that).

Frontlines is supposed to be about squad-based tactical combat, not about each of the 16 players on the team trying to see who can get the most kills or the least deaths by playing lone wolf and not going for the objective. If they want that, nobody is stopping them from hopping into RDM/Attrition.

So I suggest this:

- When your team is on DEFENSE, everything that comes after the NML just behind the ACTIVE trench (basically, the rear trenches) becomes a desertion zone, so that people are actually encouraged to actually help DEFEND their OWN trench instead of running back to the rear trenches. Or at least can't run back 3 trenches in order to "snipe"...That is: get 2 kills per minute because they a) can't see the enemy from there and/or b) are terrible shots, which is why they are trying to "snipe" in the first place.

This would also have the nice side effect of forcing people to advance when your team captures the enemy trench because your "old" trench becomes a desertion zone in that moment.

- When your team is on ATTACK, everything behind your OWN trench becomes a desertion zone, so that if people try to camp instead of assaulting the enemy trench, they at least have to do it from a place that usually has a line of sight on the enemy, which the NML behind your own trench often doesn't.

Now if you spawn in the area behind your own trench just when your team shifts from DEFENSE to ATTACK, you should obviously have a desertion timer that gives you enough time to get into your trench/into a legal zone.

I think these quick changes would do the game a HELL OF A LOT of good in the teamplay department.

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Play a couple of public Frontlines matches and you will see more than enough players not playing the objective at all, instead camping somewhere in a far off corner, being useless to the team.
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I will have to agree with Zab on one point, and that's making the defenders' second trench not a desertion zone. (Anywhere that's a default spawn shouldn't be a desertion zone, in short)

Yeah a suggestion that's been around for quite some time.

This is only a suggestion for Verdun.

What else would it be?

There was a Tannenberg comment. (Which I deleted, and forgot to delete my reply)

100% agreed.

Suggestions like these that help grow the game and not requests and more requests from some to keep bad mechanics and exploits that drives players away

I agree, but people will still snipe from own trench, coz game has many roles with scopes so I propose remove scope from recon squads and add scope kills in killfeed

Removing the scopes from recon squads is was a request from most of the players since the beginning of the game. Result: Snipers are still in recon squads.

Personally I would make the rear areas desertion zones, and remove scopes. 

Its been under review for 2 months, can we get an update ?


Added to our backlog and will be implemented.

Implemented in upcoming version

Implemented on opentesting branch. Please have a go and submit a ticket if it is not working as it should be. Will be live for everyone in upcoming version.


This is now implemented on the live version. Let us know if there is any feedback on this by submitting a report!

After playing with this new feature for a while, this Looks to me like a quick Change that was not really tested.

As regular NCO (Landser, Tommies, French) you Always spawn behind the own trench. More than once I just spawned and the Desertion counter was About to go down, because the mode just changed from Defence to Attack. 

If this happens when I just joined a match, and have to activate shootdebug etc. the timer gets close to Zero.

Playing entente on Argonne is now much harder since this change as you can't do proper rotation between the left and the right flank when defending the entente 1st tench. This should be changed. The 2nd entente trench should be accessible when defending the 1st entente tench. 

Another issues is that if you spawn 1s before the attacking side switches you rarely have time to get from the spawnpoint into your own tench before dying from desertion. There should be a 10-30 second delay (depending on the map) after the attacking side switches before the nml between your own trenches counts as a desertion zone. 

On Vosges the nml between the hill and the CP first tench (entente first tench after update V289.10099 (?)) shouldn't either be a desertion zone. 

RE:  Argonne
I was just testing out the timers for the new Frontlines rule, and I was able to move around the second Entente trench while defending the Entente's first.

I did find that the "Advance!" timers weren't exactly consistent. Some were 280 seconds to 40 seconds. (Will need to do more testing, but I want to say that if you're in the NML during a Defense and it switches to Offense, the timer will definitely vary.) One time I had a ~20 second timer.

Sometimes though, I feel that it varies as well depending upon which second defenders' trench you're in when the phase switches to Offense. (Again, need some more tests) I'll create a new Feedback topic when I've got some more testing down. For now, the "Advance!" timer for the maps in general could be 60 seconds.

This has made being a sniper on some maps more difficult for me, as i like to go far back to get the high ground.

Good, snipers are nothing but a cancer on the team. Get your bayonet and get in the trench for once, where you'll actually be useful.