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Map Voting

Gabriel Valentine 8 months ago in All Platforms • updated by whatamidoing 2 months ago 16

Please add a voting system after a match ends instead of cycling maps. Not infrequently, lobbies stack on maps players deem undesirable (ex. Champagne) and many players leave the match as a result. Giving players more control over what map they play would resolve this problem.

Implementation suggestions

Three choice system (à la Call of Duty):

[same map]
[next map in cycle]
[random map]

All maps voting (à la Rising Storm 2):

A list of maps on the left, which can be clicked to vote. All votes are tallied on the right.

Matchmaking/MainMenu Gameplay
Under Review

Score menu -- Total (xp and kill death) for whole team -- whole team rewards

untitledfolder89 7 months ago in All Platforms • updated by Angry Alpaca 3 months ago 9


1. Add the same   XP / kill / death   display in the "tab"/score menu but   for the whole Entente and Central Powers   so we get to know what the   grand total xp and k/d   for the whole team is.

2. I also suggest   rewards based on whole team   total to encourage teamplay and discourage selfishness. A lot of your current awards could be applied to the whole team.

At least an award related to the number of casualties per team. Because that's something history tends to remember way more than the prowess of individual soldiers.

UI Matchmaking/MainMenu Gameplay

Make rear areas desertion zones

RS 1 year ago in All Platforms • updated by whatamidoing 2 months ago 20

Please make rear areas desertion zones in Frontlines.

It is more than just A BIT FRUSTRATING that there are always players not helping their team with defending their trench/capturing the enemy's but instead sitting somewhere in the back, trying to get a good K/D (and more often than not, even failing to do that).

Frontlines is supposed to be about squad-based tactical combat, not about each of the 16 players on the team trying to see who can get the most kills or the least deaths by playing lone wolf and not going for the objective. If they want that, nobody is stopping them from hopping into RDM/Attrition.

So I suggest this:

- When your team is on DEFENSE, everything that comes after the NML just behind the ACTIVE trench (basically, the rear trenches) becomes a desertion zone, so that people are actually encouraged to actually help DEFEND their OWN trench instead of running back to the rear trenches. Or at least can't run back 3 trenches in order to "snipe"...That is: get 2 kills per minute because they a) can't see the enemy from there and/or b) are terrible shots, which is why they are trying to "snipe" in the first place.

This would also have the nice side effect of forcing people to advance when your team captures the enemy trench because your "old" trench becomes a desertion zone in that moment.

- When your team is on ATTACK, everything behind your OWN trench becomes a desertion zone, so that if people try to camp instead of assaulting the enemy trench, they at least have to do it from a place that usually has a line of sight on the enemy, which the NML behind your own trench often doesn't.

Now if you spawn in the area behind your own trench just when your team shifts from DEFENSE to ATTACK, you should obviously have a desertion timer that gives you enough time to get into your trench/into a legal zone.

I think these quick changes would do the game a HELL OF A LOT of good in the teamplay department.

Mapping Gameplay
Under Review


Beef Squisher 3 months ago • updated by Alex_0712 1 month ago 25

Again and again you see squads with 3 or more people all using a pistol. Why? Because they're extremely powerful. Why wouldn't you use a gun that reliably one hits anyone within a trench fight, whilst still being semi-automatic and generally quicker and easier?

There a many, many issues with this, from both a gameplay and authenticity standpoint and I'll outline just a few quickly:

Issues with the pistols themselves

-It's incredibly unfun to play against a fast weapon that can be sprayed from hipfire and still be more effective than a rifle.

-Even from a range of around 30-50 metres they're still effective enough to be threatening, and potentially scoring 1 hit kills.

Issues with the number of people using pistols (which stems directly from the balancing of them, they're overpowered so they're overused)

-It's completely unrealistic. It's difficult, at least to me alone, to find the exact numbers of each weapon produced or used in ww1, especially with the m1911's length of service, but by all accounts the numbers of pistols used in ww1 were absolutely dwarfed by the numbers of rifles. So, when you run around trying to immerse yourself in the ww1 experience you find it completely ruined by the majority of the enemy team running about with pistols.

-It ruins the unique draw of Verdun against other games, such as Battlefield 1. The beauty of Verdun against other shooters was the reliance on bolt action etc. Games like Battlefield 1 don't feel authentic like Verdun has done in the past, due to the influence of automatic and semi-automatic weapons - which makes it feel the same as just any other shooter on the market. The greatest thing about Verdun is the almost rhythmic playstyle that comes from most people using a bolt-action rifle. That, however, DIES when automatic and semi-automatic are so much more attractive to use.

-It stamps out any variety. This affects especially the American squads, and the French squads second, as their main rifles aren't as fun to play as any other squads', while their pistols are the best. As such, when you have an American squad you won't expect to see 2 springfields, an M1917 and a M1911, you will see 3 M1911s and a M1917.

-The issues from the first category again, but now you're dealing with LOADS of people.

Changing the possibilities in loadouts will not cut it, nor does "muh recoil" suffice, given one shot kills so it actually doesn't matter if there's recoil after the enemy is already dead, when people are hipfiring anyway they don't tend to care about recoil AND when people are proning the effect is reduced (so it really incentivises proning with pistols, which is a TERRIBLE THING).

The solution to this scourge is the reduction in damage of pistols, with the potential exclusion of the slow-firing revolvers. Other than headshots, one hit kills should become far more rare or even impossible - the only exclusions being perhaps people within 2 metres. The default expectation for a pistol should be a kill in two shots, unless one goes to the leg or the enemy is 80+ metres away (mid/long-distance shots aren't a problem as it's hard enough to hit anyway)

I recognise that 4 weeks ago there was a post about this, but given the poster is now banned and that post had absolutely no response, I figured I'd post again about it, besides our views are slightly different. I also recognise you have a spreadsheet for this, but it's really not something that returns the same level of impact, simplicity, detail or response that a thread here has.

Weapons Gameplay
Fix Live

Remove the blurry effect on rifles

Ecks Dee 5 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 5 months ago 15
Weapons Gameplay

BOTH GAMES: Make reinforcing bars on German gas mask (somewhat) transparent

RS 9 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 5 months ago 1

The metal bars that reinforce the glass on the German gas mask severely impede vision in-game when playing as CP and should be made (somewhat) transparent.

In RL, you would not see those bars as solid lines in front of your eyes because your eyes would automatically filter them out with the information from the other eye and you would only see what lies behind the bars.

This would be the same effect that is already being applied to the center of the screen here and not too difficult to pull off.

Graphics Gameplay
Community Input Needed

Sentry squad artillery cooldown time

Munnharpe 4 months ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 2 months ago 22

I think the cooldown time for sentry squad (Schützen, Belgians) artillery should be shorter. Now, this type of artillery is both less effective AND less frequent, which makes little sense to me. You'd think since it's only one shot, that it'd have a shorter cooldown than that of the rifle squad types' artillery barrages, instead it is longer. This goes for all three artillery tiers, in my opinion.

Weapons Gameplay
Under Review

Visual/Audio Feedback as reminder to play the objective

RS 1 year ago in All Platforms • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 5

For the same reasons as this:

...please put in some sort of visual feedback for players that spend A LOT of time camping behind their own team's trench instead of getting inside/defending it or inside their own trench while the rest of their team is trying to capture the enemy's.

60 seconds or more? Total in 1 phase, not 60 seconds continously spent in the same area, otherwise you'll have people leaving that area after 59 seconds to avoid the message and returning 2 seconds later...

You could make the screen flash messages like "Move forward to capture the enemy trench!" / "The enemy is capturing your trench! Defend it!" in bright red, with the same placement as the "You're blinded" or "Press 3 to use iron sights" messages (but slightly bigger). And/or automatically play soundbytes to help reinforce the message.

It would give more direction for newer players ("where do I go?") and less excuses for snipercampers along the lines of "if they didn't want snipercampers, why are there scopes in the game/why can I run back 3 trenches then without getting punished?". If doesn't help much, make the screen slowly go turn dark/gray in addition.

When the game itself is telling players to PLAY THE OBJECTIVE (and how to start doing that) in an aggressive manner, new players have more guidance and the occasional snipercampers might feel pressured enough to actually do that from time to time.

UI Gameplay

Weapons Sound the same in FMOD (A response to Leo)

Yos 2 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by whatamidoing 4 weeks ago 20

Leo's Original Quote:

>The difference in rifles on distance is now much smaller due to the nature of shots over distance and their echo. This will take some time and skill to get used to unfortunately, they are recognizable by bullet caliber and secondly by unique clanks.  


They are not recognizable individually or even necessarily by caliber. The video below shows weapons of similar classification (handguns, long rifles, carbines, and machine guns) pitted against each other. The results show that the sounds between weapons of similar classifications are by and large the same. If there is a difference between them it is so minute that players will have a very hard time being able to tell the difference, where as at present you can easily distinguish what weapon is being fired and where the shot is coming from. 

If by "clanks" you mean the bolting/cocking sounds I highly disagree with this, not necessarily because a player wouldn't be able to tell what gun a player has based on these sounds, but rather because the actual distance in which you can hear this sound is incredibly small. The tactical value in this is quite low and will often not be of any benefit to a player, as Verdun is 1. A predominantly medium-long range oriented game and 2. If a player can actually hear these sounds they more than likely already have seen/know an enemy is there. 

The weapons compared against one another in chronological order:


Lebel VS G98

Mousqueton VS K88

Webley VS Modele 1892

Lewis VS MG08/15

Luger VS Ruby

1911 VS Reichsrevolver

The comparisons pitted weapons of similar classification against one another, however these were all still completely different firearms chambered for completely different rounds, in several of the clips the weapons sound identical while in others the difference is barely noticeable. This is both unrealistic and completely undesirable for gameplay. As I've stated, at present the current sounds work well, you are able to easily identify where players are based on gunfire and all the weapons have their own unique sounds. Without an extensive rework of the gun sounds the importance of sound will be drastically reduced as the ability for players to effectively identify enemy positions based on gunfire will be heavily diminished. 

Additionally as has been pointed out by Korv (and others) the ambient noises are overly loud and do a great deal to help drown out the actual sounds. 

Lastly for whatever reason gasmasks greatly muffle all sounds a player can hear in the game, this is in spite of the masks not actually covering a players ears (at least according to the models). 

Actual sound heard while using a gasmask:

Based on this it is clear that there will need to be extensive efforts made to correct the various issues plaguing the new sounds and adjust the guns to actually have unique and identifiable sounds as is currently present in the game. Although I do not believe that any of this is actually particularly pressing. The game is losing players by the day and it is clear that nobody in this community actually cares about a sound update. What we have right now works and has very few issues, the only obvious issues being the lack of reload sounds on the BAR and RSC, however this is very minor and is not all that important. Personally I suggest that the focus be moved onto other much more pressing issues like bugs and Verdun's heavily needed new content (squads and maps). Players can currently enable these "new sounds" with FMOD so if there is truly any desire to use them players do have the option. Spending time and resources on correcting the new sounds is pointless, especially when you consider that this sound update will benefit the game in no way. Players are not going to be returning to Verdun for a sound update, nor is anybody sticking around because of one. On the contrary if you decide to push these new sounds out without fixing them, you will once again be contributing to the games decline, yet another botched update that brings the overall quality of the game down is not something this community needs right now. It should be pointed out that there have been virtually no calls or requests for these sounds to be released, and essentially nobody has ever complained about what we have in the game at the moment. 

Weapons Gameplay
WW1GameSeries 4 weeks ago


To avoid all confusion and close this ticket, attached is a comparison to the video posted (25 meters distance, same order of guns). We did in fact address the issue after OP posted. 

After playing with these sounds for 6 months, I can honestly say that its mostly a matter of getting used to, I can actually distinguish them myself in combat. The pat-pat of smle's versus the deeper bangs of the mausers and french weapons for instance. 


Add ingame reporting/flagging

Kaiser KoRv 4 months ago in All Platforms • updated by Black Yoshi 4 months ago 30

There should be a better way to report suspected cheater. 

My suggestion is to add a reporting tool or way to flag suspicious cheaters while in game. Best would probably be if the tool automatically opened a ticket/topic here with it's own category. I also suggest adding ticket numbers to all topics here. That way when I click to report a player in game I could get a ticket number back so it would be easier for me to find the report when I exit the game and want to add additional info to the ticket, like a video. 

When I click to report a player there should be a few categories like; aimbot, wallhack ect. 

All tickets should get an automated header, my suggestion:

Reported player: (Player ingame name)

So if somebody reported me the header would be: Reported player: {Pirates}KoRv

When sombody clicks report the following info should be displayed in the description of the ticket:

- Ingame ID

- Former ingame ID (if these are logged?)

- Cheat category

- steamID 

- steamID64 

- customURL 

- match id

- time

- map

(This is all useful info I can think of atm)

I think it would be best if all reports where hidden, and would only be shown if;

1. The player who made the the report has his steam account linked to this site

2. You make a search with the ticker number (case sensitive).

I wish for a proper way to report players as the current process is ineffective and slow. 

I would also request that if a player is reported on the steam forum the thread should be deleted or locked asap. Because if you are following the steam community guidelines you shouldn't choose which guidelines are enforced and which aren't. I have several times seen that comments like "+1" getting deleted from threads but cheater report threads like this don't even get locked. Either enforce the guidelines or don't do it. Don't do it selectively. This is feedback for all mods/devs.