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Fix Live

bayonets are still broken

elok 7 months ago • updated by sfh1999 1 month ago 31

yeah, no, whatever was changed didn't work at all. No noticable change. You can look directly at someone hit the melee key and still the bayonet wooshes through or passed them


invisible mg glitch still not fixed

elok 7 months ago • updated by Black Yoshi 4 days ago 31

The update brought no noticeable change to the ammount of invisible mgs. They're still able to glitch themselves into the ground and the barrel can still clip through sandbags


The hitreg in this game needs to be fixed

elok 6 months ago • updated by Black Yoshi 2 months ago 4

I know that this post won't achieve anything, but the hitreg in this game is atrocious. I've aimed directly at people and haven't hit them, I've aimed miles behind people and hit them in the head. My favorite kill is when i got a request hit on the thigh and got a headshot even though only the guys head was showing.


There is no HTTPS for this bug reporting website

Thomas 2 years ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 7 months ago 5

This website does not use HTTPS. It would not bother me if I hadn't got to login with credentials, but I have. You could use at least a free certificate from here:

WW1GameSeries 7 months ago

Works nowadays


Choosing squad type before creating a new squad ingame

Munnharpe 1 month ago • updated by Trench Rat (Trench Rat) 3 weeks ago 7

When creating a new squad in game, you get a random squad type. If this wasn't the one you wanted by coincidence, you have to wait for quite a bit for the "Change squad type" button to appear in the "Squad" menu, then select your preferred type and then respawn. This is often horribly frustrating, because you risk that other players immediately join your squad and vote against the squad type you had in mind when you created the squad in the first place. Also because it takes many seconds to wait for the "Change squad type" button to appear, and respawning. What I suggest is that when you click "New squad" you get to pick the type you want before the squad gets created, eliminating the problem.

We're only left with a potential problem then, that is if you make your squad and somebody immediately joins and steals the soldier class you wanted. That could probably be solved as well, but it's not that important.

Gameplay UI

In the New UI, the Create Squad Menu does come up when you want to add a squad or create a new squad on the other team.

You can try it out yourself in an empty Maneuver match. (Without bots)


Give the Landser's Grabenkampfer a melee weapon

moscaflaca 4 weeks ago • updated by Munnharpe 3 weeks ago 6

If you play as the Tommy "thrower" or Poilus "grenadier d'elite" your weapon options consist of rifle, three grenades and a melee weapon, either the trench knife or club. However, the Landser equivalent, the Grabenkampfer, only has a rifle and three grenades. For the sake of consistency I think the German grenadier should have an equal counterpart.

Fix Live

RDM Vauquois max player bug.

Emperor 4 months ago • updated by Trench Rat (Trench Rat) 3 months ago 2

On Vauquois, only a maximum of 8 players can connect to the server. The remaining players just stay in spectator with a view of the map. No UI or anything.

Gameplay Mapping Spawning
Fix Live

i have probleem

Pehmo 4 months ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 3 months ago 7


i have put on gas mask and this message here is. this have exclamation mark in begining. please fix this eror m2h

thanks you


Stripper clip not used for the five last rounds

Munnharpe 5 months ago • updated 1 month ago 5

This is really just a fraction of a problem and only noticeable when playing squad defence, since using up all the ammo with a rifle or carbine is very unlikely in frontlines, but I noticed that when the very last five rounds are to be loaded into the gun, they are loaded one by one instead of with the stripper clip. I was using the SMLE when I noticed this. Having ten rounds left, the first five of the ten loads normally with the stripper clip, but the last five does not. I don't know if this occurs with other weapons.

Fix Live

when you click on an atttition match you can't see who's playing

elok 7 months ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 6 months ago 4

you used to be able to see the names of players when you selected an attrition match, but now you can't