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Beef Squisher 3 months ago • updated by Alex_0712 1 month ago 25

Again and again you see squads with 3 or more people all using a pistol. Why? Because they're extremely powerful. Why wouldn't you use a gun that reliably one hits anyone within a trench fight, whilst still being semi-automatic and generally quicker and easier?

There a many, many issues with this, from both a gameplay and authenticity standpoint and I'll outline just a few quickly:

Issues with the pistols themselves

-It's incredibly unfun to play against a fast weapon that can be sprayed from hipfire and still be more effective than a rifle.

-Even from a range of around 30-50 metres they're still effective enough to be threatening, and potentially scoring 1 hit kills.

Issues with the number of people using pistols (which stems directly from the balancing of them, they're overpowered so they're overused)

-It's completely unrealistic. It's difficult, at least to me alone, to find the exact numbers of each weapon produced or used in ww1, especially with the m1911's length of service, but by all accounts the numbers of pistols used in ww1 were absolutely dwarfed by the numbers of rifles. So, when you run around trying to immerse yourself in the ww1 experience you find it completely ruined by the majority of the enemy team running about with pistols.

-It ruins the unique draw of Verdun against other games, such as Battlefield 1. The beauty of Verdun against other shooters was the reliance on bolt action etc. Games like Battlefield 1 don't feel authentic like Verdun has done in the past, due to the influence of automatic and semi-automatic weapons - which makes it feel the same as just any other shooter on the market. The greatest thing about Verdun is the almost rhythmic playstyle that comes from most people using a bolt-action rifle. That, however, DIES when automatic and semi-automatic are so much more attractive to use.

-It stamps out any variety. This affects especially the American squads, and the French squads second, as their main rifles aren't as fun to play as any other squads', while their pistols are the best. As such, when you have an American squad you won't expect to see 2 springfields, an M1917 and a M1911, you will see 3 M1911s and a M1917.

-The issues from the first category again, but now you're dealing with LOADS of people.

Changing the possibilities in loadouts will not cut it, nor does "muh recoil" suffice, given one shot kills so it actually doesn't matter if there's recoil after the enemy is already dead, when people are hipfiring anyway they don't tend to care about recoil AND when people are proning the effect is reduced (so it really incentivises proning with pistols, which is a TERRIBLE THING).

The solution to this scourge is the reduction in damage of pistols, with the potential exclusion of the slow-firing revolvers. Other than headshots, one hit kills should become far more rare or even impossible - the only exclusions being perhaps people within 2 metres. The default expectation for a pistol should be a kill in two shots, unless one goes to the leg or the enemy is 80+ metres away (mid/long-distance shots aren't a problem as it's hard enough to hit anyway)

I recognise that 4 weeks ago there was a post about this, but given the poster is now banned and that post had absolutely no response, I figured I'd post again about it, besides our views are slightly different. I also recognise you have a spreadsheet for this, but it's really not something that returns the same level of impact, simplicity, detail or response that a thread here has.

Weapons Gameplay
Community Input Needed

Sentry squad artillery cooldown time

Munnharpe 4 months ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 2 months ago 22

I think the cooldown time for sentry squad (Schützen, Belgians) artillery should be shorter. Now, this type of artillery is both less effective AND less frequent, which makes little sense to me. You'd think since it's only one shot, that it'd have a shorter cooldown than that of the rifle squad types' artillery barrages, instead it is longer. This goes for all three artillery tiers, in my opinion.

Weapons Gameplay
Fix Live

bayonets are still broken

elok 5 months ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 1 month ago 28

yeah, no, whatever was changed didn't work at all. No noticable change. You can look directly at someone hit the melee key and still the bayonet wooshes through or passed them

Not Feedback

Petition for the devs to join the 4v4 comp game

elok 5 months ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 5 months ago 2

they should show us how nooby we are


Remove the fog

elok 5 months ago • updated by Kalko von Schpritzendorf 4 months ago 27

No one asked for the fog, and its not going to change, but +1 this so the devs see no one likes it

Performance Lag Graphics Gameplay
WW1GameSeries 4 months ago

I see a lot of anger here on the new atmospheric scattering system. (The system introduced with the merge update significantly boosting the aesthetic quality of the levels through physical rendering of height based fog / haze / Atmosphere) increasing depth perception and distance lighting because everything looks less uniformly drab brown (as seen below). 

Is there any specific level?  If we observe the the before/after I see no significant reduction in visibility or only marginal at best compared to before on almost all levels with the exception of perhaps Picardie. In fact I almost argue the opposite especially on Douaumont and Artois. As can be seen in these images:


Make it impossible to remove mask when you're still inside the gas OR make the removal interruptable

Munnharpe 6 months ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 1 month ago 19

The problem is that if the gas seems to have dissappeared, and you remove your mask, then you die no matter if you try to put it on again or not. This is because your guy will remove his mask ALL THE WAY and attatch it neatly to his uniform at the very same time as he's being poisoned by the gas. IRL a soldier would be able to start removing the mask, maybe just by a centimetre, then realize that "No there's still death in the air here" and then obviously stop killing himself by removing the mask completely. I hope I was able to explain what I ment here, and that you concider the suggestions I wrote in the header.


The hitreg in this game needs to be fixed

elok 4 months ago • updated by Black Yoshi 5 days ago 4

I know that this post won't achieve anything, but the hitreg in this game is atrocious. I've aimed directly at people and haven't hit them, I've aimed miles behind people and hit them in the head. My favorite kill is when i got a request hit on the thigh and got a headshot even though only the guys head was showing.


There is no HTTPS for this bug reporting website

Thomas 2 years ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 5 months ago 5

This website does not use HTTPS. It would not bother me if I hadn't got to login with credentials, but I have. You could use at least a free certificate from here:

WW1GameSeries 5 months ago

Works nowadays


invisible mg glitch still not fixed

elok 5 months ago • updated 3 months ago 27

The update brought no noticeable change to the ammount of invisible mgs. They're still able to glitch themselves into the ground and the barrel can still clip through sandbags


Being able to change class when dead in squad defence, or when the game ends.

Munnharpe 5 months ago • updated by WW1GameSeries 1 month ago 5

In squad defence, it's a bit annoying that if you die during a wave of attackers, you "Cannot change class when the enemy is attacking". It would be nice to be able to do so, because it is super frustrating when you want the NCO for example you can't, but some random bloke joining can take it while you who's already in the game, can't. 

Similarly, I can't see any good reasons for why changing class/squad, or at least reserving the spot you want for next round, when the round is over. Again, it is annoying that newcomers can choose any idle spots, but everyone in the game will have to wait.