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Remove the blurry effect on rifles

Ecks Dee 7 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 7 months ago 15
Gameplay Weapons

Stop adding x128

Sgt_KarlWollf 3 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by Vicar Andrew Starke 2 months ago 12

So this morning I was playing Verdun. Usual stuff and regular matches, I was wondering where are the x128 public matches at and I was happy that those formats were definitely over. But at some point Mr Leo came in my regular match and with his obnoxious admin priviledges he changed the capacity of that lobby. Fine, I quitted because me as a 3-yo-player I dont want to play that kind of unbalanced artyspam fest mess  game. So I looked around in the Frontlines main menu and surprisingly (not really), the only one lobby available was the big one. Now my question, as a guy who supported this game for enough time I guess, why should I have been forced to play something that I dont like while others do? Why are new players forced to play that gamemode where you can only die constantly? This is stupid questionable, besides a bad marketing move (not like M2H is famous for its ideas, dont take that as an insult I'm just looking at the past facts), in fact have a look at the Steam charts, as far as I can see it's again red there. I'm not accusing anyone here, I'm just pointing out the fact that Verdun isn't advertised as a x128 game (besides the fact that it's badly advertised, but that's another thing I guess) and people are forced to play that gamemode because there aren't regualr lobbies. It's ok, I'll play once, twice, maybe even 10 times (!!!) that x128, but at the 11th try, I'll quit because that thing ain't Verdun. 

Now I know that this thing is going to be half ignored because devs like to listen to other type of advices (not the best one in my opinion) and because one player less over 1m of sold copies of the game is nothing, but I'd like to warn you about that. Maybe today it's just me but tomorrow it could be half of the already small playerbase! 

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VERDUN: Can't move in new game when the chat is left open after the last one

jhgreen 9 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 7 months ago 13

If I'm chatting at the end of a game and the next map loads, you spawn in but the keyboard and mouse are totally unresponsive. I can hit Alt F4 or Alt-tab out of it but the game doesn't work at all. Not sure what happens if you die.

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Third Person Models and Weapons:

LV|Ironstorm767 10 months ago in PC / Windows • updated by Blazy013 5 months ago 19

Seems that the 3p models are a bit messed up since the Merger or shortly beforehand. I've seen skewed LMG deployments and pistols being held as if they were rifles so far:

Kind of have to zoom in to see the Luger above, but he's clearly trying to aim a rifle when in fact, he's using a Luger.

Here's one when a character is likely prone with a rifle (I believe - looks like the LMG above):
Graphics Weapons
Fix Live

After tabbing out, tabbing back in does not work anymore after update to 260.6784

Thomas 1 year ago in PC / Windows • updated by Trench Rat (Trench Rat) 10 months ago 6

After tabbing out (e.g. checking sth. on discord) you cannot tab back into the game. You still see the game, but when you click around you open files on your desktop behind the game instead. I use a setup with 2 screens with different resolutions. I play games on the bigger one.

Temporary workaround: when I cannot tab back in, I put Verdun into windowed mode by pressing ALT+ENTER and put it back to fullscreen by pressing ALT+ENTER again. Just to avoid ALT+F4 :-) Then it works again.

Even better workaround: Instead of tabbing out or moving your mouse out of the screen (e.g. while a menu is opened), put Verdun into windowed mode like described above, do your stuff, and put it back to fullscreen.

Game version: 260.6784 (default branch)

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You can spawn right in front of enemies again

Thomas 11 months ago in PC / Windows • updated by WW1GameSeries 7 months ago 3

With the "new" Verdun, you are able to spawn directly nearby enemies again. It is very obvious when you play recon vs recon.

Gameplay Spawning
Fix Live

Players without names are annoying

Thomas 1 year ago in PC / Windows • updated by WW1GameSeries 1 month ago 4

Unfortunately, it is possible to erase your own player name in Verdun and join a match anyway. That is very annoying. 3 reasons:

  1. You get pranked by chat messages that look somehow "official". New players will not even realize, that this are pranks:
  2. On "public private" events like x64, players already used this to spam the chat, and beeing not backtraceable.
  3. On "public private" events like x64, players already used this to team kill and not beeing backtraceable (as long as there are at least 2 players without a name). I am not sure if it is even possible to ban players without names from private matches.


Prevent players from erasing their entire name. OR: If someone joins a match without a name, assign him a random but unique (maybe even numbered) name like "Player1234".

Matchmaking/MainMenu Texts UI
Needs More Reports

You've made MG's far worse with the recent "networking" update

Yos 3 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by Black Yoshi 2 months ago 19

They're basically just glitched all the time now. Usually it's just a barrel that you see and then you're dead.

Gameplay Weapons

The MG deployment on steep angles (where you can only see the barrel pointing up) has been improved in V291.11281.

Going to need some more details on the misplaced and floating players:  

Has it only happened after initially joining a match and stops after you (and/or they) are killed, or does it continue after respawning?


hit detection, lag, melee is random, bullet proof barbwire

Marian Fanica 7 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 5

Some problems/features:

  • People hiding inside the ground
  • The great attractor-something is attracting nades to the walls
  • Melee is not working if you are close
  • Usual random hit detection
  • bullet proof barbwire
  • Fake reloading
  • Throwing nades sideways
  • LAG
  • Shooting people in the head(the only part of them that is outside the trench) and get a hit mark, or hit on the calf from shootdebug

Important: those problems from the video didn’t occurred isolated or only 1 time, they are very common and I’m not the only one. A lot of players have similar issues.

Issues are much more often at evening when are more people on server (Maybe the server cant handle all the calculation and traffic, idk)

Is not my hardware, otherwise I will have problems in other games too and my internet connection is really, really good (optic fiber 10MB up/down and average ping of 50ms) and the same problems are confirmed in the game by other players too.

After more than 3.000 hours I can tell a hit by a miss and when something is not working as it should.

Gameplay Matchmaking/MainMenu Network Lag Weapons
Fix Live

Freezes when loading the next map

RVK 9 months ago in PC / Windows • updated by WW1GameSeries 3 months ago 61

Game freezes at 48% every time I try to connect to Flanders. I've tried reinstalling the game but it did not work. No problems connecting to other maps.