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Fixed in upcoming version

PS4 you've been disconnected because your connection timed out. (AuthRequest) I'm on PS4 I've done everything I know to try to fix it its been a week now

Tanner 2 years ago in Console / PS4 • updated by WW1GameSeries 6 months ago 34

I've done everything I know to try and fix it I need help it's been like this for a week now

WW1GameSeries 7 months ago

We have plans to fix this in upcoming version but this might take a while before a patch can be submitted and be approved. In the meanwhile you can try the suggested workarounds suggested in the comments.


Not connecting

trippykidguy1 3 months ago in Console / PS4 0

I can never connect into the game(on PS4) last time I was able to play was like 2 years ago and I’m really upset I always try to play just cant.

Crashes/Freezes Gameplay Matchmaking/MainMenu UI

Bots difficulty settings in frontline game mode

panicogabriele 4 weeks ago in Console / PS4 • updated by Pepula 4 weeks ago 3

Hello, guys, it's me again,

I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I actually have one question.

Does the bots will have difficulty settings when you ll'had them in frontline mode because if that's the case it'll be great.

Again sorry for bothering you and thank you for taking the time to read this topic. 

PS: as usual sorry for my bad English

Bots Gameplay