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Fixed in upcoming version

PS4 you've been disconnected because your connection timed out. (AuthRequest) I'm on PS4 I've done everything I know to try to fix it its been a week now

Tanner 2 years ago in Console / PS4 • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 34

I've done everything I know to try and fix it I need help it's been like this for a week now

WW1GameSeries 5 months ago

We have plans to fix this in upcoming version but this might take a while before a patch can be submitted and be approved. In the meanwhile you can try the suggested workarounds suggested in the comments.

Fixed in upcoming version

The audio cuts out randomly and doesn't come back until the next game (XBOX)

MisterNibster 1 year ago in Console / XB1 • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 11

I've had this happen several times, and it seems like a game-breaking issue.

Implemented in upcoming version

Stereo Footstep Audio?

Bip-Poy 9 months ago in Console / XB1 • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 3

Not sure the purpose of this audio design choice but character footsteps (menaing you, not enemy footsteps) are panned hard left and right when turning and strafing.  Strafe left and your footstep audio is far right.  Strafe right and footstep audio is far left. It sounds like you’re constantly being flanked from all sides. I’m a headphone user so this is super confusing and tactically disorienting. It’s nearly game breaking for me. Sound plays a massive part in every shooter I play.   Footstep audio should be in mono or have a super tight stereo width (like 3-5% stereo width). I play on XB1. Hopefully this will get tweaked in the future. I’m loving the game so far though.

Not a bug

Significant Loss of Squad Rank and Experience Points

jddeem 1 year ago in Console / XB1 • updated by WW1GameSeries 6 months ago 2

My friend and I have been playing this game for a while and had our squad rank to level 90 after playing over 106 games together. Just today, for some reason, his squad xp with me was completely gone. His game screen shows 0 points and 0 games played with me, but I still have all my squad xp and completed games with him. This has dropped our squad level to 67, which isn't a huge deal, but it's still a bummer, since it took us so long to level up. Is there anyway to fix this? Or does he just have to start over in leveling up with me again?


Not connecting

trippykidguy1 3 weeks ago in Console / PS4 0

I can never connect into the game(on PS4) last time I was able to play was like 2 years ago and I’m really upset I always try to play just cant.

UI Matchmaking/MainMenu Gameplay Crashes/Freezes
Implemented in upcoming version


Lobozorro09 7 months ago in Console / PS4 • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 3

I have noticed that the SMLE rifle sounds much louder than the other rifles, to the point of having to lower the volume due to its annoying sound.


Bots on others game modes than squad defence

panicogabriele 21 hours ago in Console / PS4 • updated by LV|Ironstorm767 14 hours ago 1
Gameplay Bots
Unclear Report

Cannot play online

logan08chase 3 months ago in Console / XB1 • updated by WW1GameSeries 1 month ago 3

When I connect online, it joins, lets me play for a minute or less. Then I get kicked out with the message "too high ping. try connecting from the closest server" and to contact with where I'm connecting from. We are connecting from Virginia, in the US. I'm hoping you can give me some idea on how to fix this. 

Implemented in upcoming version

hey just wordering can you add frontline game to ofline players for ps4 i have not ps plus at the moment. split screen can it happan me and my brother would love it. thanks if you do it hope you see this.

coryculpepper79 7 months ago in All Platforms / Console • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 2

so I have been getting tired of the squad mode when I brought it I though it was a split screen game mode well, it seem like it did. But I'm a offline player because I  don't have ps plus and I wish that you could have a offline frontline gamemode I would enjoy it a lot. if you cant do that plz add split screen. 

If you see this I hope you do can you plz do one at least one of them.  also love how realistic the game is. when a gas is thrown in your trench don't warn the players it will  just make the players more sacred. 

if you read the whole thing thanks 

your players on ps4.

Matchmaking/MainMenu Gameplay Bots