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Map Voting

Gabriel Valentine 6 months ago in All Platforms • updated by Yos 2 months ago 13

Please add a voting system after a match ends instead of cycling maps. Not infrequently, lobbies stack on maps players deem undesirable (ex. Champagne) and many players leave the match as a result. Giving players more control over what map they play would resolve this problem.

Implementation suggestions

Three choice system (à la Call of Duty):

[same map]
[next map in cycle]
[random map]

All maps voting (à la Rising Storm 2):

A list of maps on the left, which can be clicked to vote. All votes are tallied on the right.

Matchmaking/MainMenu Gameplay

Make rear areas desertion zones

RS 10 months ago in All Platforms • updated by whatamidoing 1 week ago 20

Please make rear areas desertion zones in Frontlines.

It is more than just A BIT FRUSTRATING that there are always players not helping their team with defending their trench/capturing the enemy's but instead sitting somewhere in the back, trying to get a good K/D (and more often than not, even failing to do that).

Frontlines is supposed to be about squad-based tactical combat, not about each of the 16 players on the team trying to see who can get the most kills or the least deaths by playing lone wolf and not going for the objective. If they want that, nobody is stopping them from hopping into RDM/Attrition.

So I suggest this:

- When your team is on DEFENSE, everything that comes after the NML just behind the ACTIVE trench (basically, the rear trenches) becomes a desertion zone, so that people are actually encouraged to actually help DEFEND their OWN trench instead of running back to the rear trenches. Or at least can't run back 3 trenches in order to "snipe"...That is: get 2 kills per minute because they a) can't see the enemy from there and/or b) are terrible shots, which is why they are trying to "snipe" in the first place.

This would also have the nice side effect of forcing people to advance when your team captures the enemy trench because your "old" trench becomes a desertion zone in that moment.

- When your team is on ATTACK, everything behind your OWN trench becomes a desertion zone, so that if people try to camp instead of assaulting the enemy trench, they at least have to do it from a place that usually has a line of sight on the enemy, which the NML behind your own trench often doesn't.

Now if you spawn in the area behind your own trench just when your team shifts from DEFENSE to ATTACK, you should obviously have a desertion timer that gives you enough time to get into your trench/into a legal zone.

I think these quick changes would do the game a HELL OF A LOT of good in the teamplay department.

Mapping Gameplay
Under Review

Score menu -- Total (xp and kill death) for whole team -- whole team rewards

untitledfolder89 5 months ago in All Platforms • updated by Angry Alpaca 1 month ago 9


1. Add the same   XP / kill / death   display in the "tab"/score menu but   for the whole Entente and Central Powers   so we get to know what the   grand total xp and k/d   for the whole team is.

2. I also suggest   rewards based on whole team   total to encourage teamplay and discourage selfishness. A lot of your current awards could be applied to the whole team.

At least an award related to the number of casualties per team. Because that's something history tends to remember way more than the prowess of individual soldiers.

UI Matchmaking/MainMenu Gameplay
Fix Live

Remove the blurry effect on rifles

Ecks Dee 3 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 3 months ago 15
Weapons Gameplay

BOTH GAMES: Make reinforcing bars on German gas mask (somewhat) transparent

RS 7 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 3 months ago 1

The metal bars that reinforce the glass on the German gas mask severely impede vision in-game when playing as CP and should be made (somewhat) transparent.

In RL, you would not see those bars as solid lines in front of your eyes because your eyes would automatically filter them out with the information from the other eye and you would only see what lies behind the bars.

This would be the same effect that is already being applied to the center of the screen here and not too difficult to pull off.

Graphics Gameplay
Under Review

Visual/Audio Feedback as reminder to play the objective

RS 10 months ago in All Platforms • updated by WW1GameSeries 1 month ago 5

For the same reasons as this:

...please put in some sort of visual feedback for players that spend A LOT of time camping behind their own team's trench instead of getting inside/defending it or inside their own trench while the rest of their team is trying to capture the enemy's.

60 seconds or more? Total in 1 phase, not 60 seconds continously spent in the same area, otherwise you'll have people leaving that area after 59 seconds to avoid the message and returning 2 seconds later...

You could make the screen flash messages like "Move forward to capture the enemy trench!" / "The enemy is capturing your trench! Defend it!" in bright red, with the same placement as the "You're blinded" or "Press 3 to use iron sights" messages (but slightly bigger). And/or automatically play soundbytes to help reinforce the message.

It would give more direction for newer players ("where do I go?") and less excuses for snipercampers along the lines of "if they didn't want snipercampers, why are there scopes in the game/why can I run back 3 trenches then without getting punished?". If doesn't help much, make the screen slowly go turn dark/gray in addition.

When the game itself is telling players to PLAY THE OBJECTIVE (and how to start doing that) in an aggressive manner, new players have more guidance and the occasional snipercampers might feel pressured enough to actually do that from time to time.

UI Gameplay

Add ingame reporting/flagging

Kaiser KoRv 2 months ago in All Platforms • updated by Black Yoshi 2 months ago 30

There should be a better way to report suspected cheater. 

My suggestion is to add a reporting tool or way to flag suspicious cheaters while in game. Best would probably be if the tool automatically opened a ticket/topic here with it's own category. I also suggest adding ticket numbers to all topics here. That way when I click to report a player in game I could get a ticket number back so it would be easier for me to find the report when I exit the game and want to add additional info to the ticket, like a video. 

When I click to report a player there should be a few categories like; aimbot, wallhack ect. 

All tickets should get an automated header, my suggestion:

Reported player: (Player ingame name)

So if somebody reported me the header would be: Reported player: {Pirates}KoRv

When sombody clicks report the following info should be displayed in the description of the ticket:

- Ingame ID

- Former ingame ID (if these are logged?)

- Cheat category

- steamID 

- steamID64 

- customURL 

- match id

- time

- map

(This is all useful info I can think of atm)

I think it would be best if all reports where hidden, and would only be shown if;

1. The player who made the the report has his steam account linked to this site

2. You make a search with the ticker number (case sensitive).

I wish for a proper way to report players as the current process is ineffective and slow. 

I would also request that if a player is reported on the steam forum the thread should be deleted or locked asap. Because if you are following the steam community guidelines you shouldn't choose which guidelines are enforced and which aren't. I have several times seen that comments like "+1" getting deleted from threads but cheater report threads like this don't even get locked. Either enforce the guidelines or don't do it. Don't do it selectively. This is feedback for all mods/devs.


jumpshooting bots in Verdun

Botxxx46 2 months ago in All Platforms • updated by Yos 2 months ago 16

Now since the devs already said that bots are coming soon, I would like the time to discuss on how their 'playstyle' is going to be. Much rather than just seeing them going prone or brainless running around in the nomansland, i would like to see them actually perform a bit, i.e. jumpshooting or strafing. 

First of all this would greatly improve the difficulty in the game and push people away from spending a game alone with bots to avoid real, human players. It would also push those away from saying that only 'vets' are using jumpshots because now like half the game will be doing it. 

Under Review

Nerf automatic weapons damage

Ecks Dee 4 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by Temujin 3 weeks ago 24

this being more against the MP18 and BAR who have a ridiculously high damage model. 

Its simple they are just automatic rifles, you can whipe out entire spawnwaves, and to do well with them you do not even need to know how to play the game. 

Its annoying to play against and extremly unbalanced

A return to how those weapons used to be would be welcome

inb4 someone tells me "but its realistic", the devs clearly stated that they prefer a balanced experience, both of those weapons are not balanced

Weapons Gameplay
Under Review

Weapon stats display overhaul

RS 10 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 1 month ago 7

Replace the "shots-hits-accuracy-kills-killed by" part of the tooltip info that you see when you hover over weapons on the squad loadout screen with the actual weapon stats you can see on the equipment screen in RDM/Attrition (ROF, reload, etc.)

People can check out their accuracy stats, amount of shots fired, etc. under "Account -> Weapons" outside of matches anytime.

Seeing the weapons' stats directly is more important during a match and helps new players get familiar with the weapons. They often ask "what's the differences between the weapons/weapon types" during a match because there's no way for them to see or even compare weapon stats outside of Attrition/RDM and it takes too much time to explain in detail in the chat during matches.

Like this:

Also rework which weapon stats are actually being displayed and the way in which they are, the red bars might look neat, but they only give a very ROUGH indication of the weapon's stats (at least without additional numbers on them), especially in comparisons. Grouping attachments into 2 rows 2 instead of 1 column of 4 would give the required space for the added info.

Like this:

Grouping stuff by weapon class would imo also be much better than sorting the weapons alphabetically.

And just to really idiot-proof the whole thing, add all that on the main menu weapon screen as well:

Also make it so that the tooltip stays as long as you hover over the resp. card and doesn't just disappear after a bit.

Weapons UI Texts